So this year I thought that I would post a bit more in December and dedicate most of the posts to Christmas.
There will be new outfits, makeup, decorations, a bit of what Christmas looks like in Paris and maybe I'll even share with you some cool family traditions.
There will hopefully be a lot of amazing pictures that I am looking forward to sharing with you and I hope that you are just as exited as I am!

Hope you enjoy!




Today I am sharing more tourist pictures with you because honestly, no shame in being a tourist sometimes. As much as I love discovering new weird places, I also like to see the basic tourist attractions since they also tend to be pretty special and really cool.
And I also have finals in like a week so I'll try to fit in some posts but I can't promise anything yet. :c

Hope you enjoy!




Today is more of a chill post. 
So I'm just going to give you a little review on some of the Sephora masks that I picked up recently.
It's late but everything is cool.
Okay, enough of the intro.

As I used to live in Estonia, I didn't get the chance to hang around Sephora that much but now I find of do... since I live in Paris.
So one time I was just waddling in Sephora and I see their masks.
I am also going to point out that my skin was having a major crisis moment and I  was in desperate need for some help.
And I just thought, why not?
They were really inexpensive and they just made me want to put them on and relax in a warm bath with some nice scented candles.
I don't know if you can tell but I'm really tired right now so excuse my lousy writing skills. Sorry.

So the first mask that I tried out was the Lotus Eye Mask.
This mask is supposed to moisturise and sooth your skin.
I chose this mask because lately, I have been feeling like the skin surrounding my eyes was getting a bit dry and uncomfortable. That also caused problems with the wearing of my foundation and concealer.
And surprisingly, I wasn't that disappointed. It did its job very well and my eyes felt really soft and fresh afterwards.
It didn't cause any irritation or problems.
So I give this mask a big thumbs up!

The two other masks I tried were face masks.

The first one is the Green Tea Mask and this is supposed to make your skin 
more matte looking and calming down all of you blemishes.
Now as I said earlier, my skin was not in a good mood and everything was just like red and horrible.
So I didn't see a major difference in my skin but it still calmed everything down and it
 also made my skin feel really nice and fresh. 
After using the mask, my skin did improve and it went back to it's usual state. So I am very thankful for that.

The final mask that I tried was the Pearl mask.
A perfecting and brightening face mask.

I got this mask not out of need but more just for relaxing and for a nice pamper evening.
It made my skin feel absolutely amazing and it also made it look a bit better too.
So if you are in the search for some nice masks to relax with, then give this a go!

Hope you enjoyed!




I recently discovered that I haven't really posted much about my adventures here, in France. So I thought that I would show you a few pictures that were made by the Eiffel Tower a few days ago and talk about that day a bit.

It was a really pretty day and Halloween had just been the last day.
Me and my friends go to Starbucks to get the vampire frappuccino but we were unlucky.
At first they were out of raspberry syrup, so we opted for another Starbucks down the street.
They gave us strawberry syrup instead.
First world problems. :D
I settled for the frapuccino with the strawberry syrup but my friend had enough and just exchanged hers for a hot chocolate.

Sorry for that little complaining, but it's just a bit confusing.
We just wanted some vampire frapuccinos with raspberry syrup.
But nope.

After getting our drinks, we went down the street to sit on the edge of an empty fountain in front of the Military School.
And we couldn't help taking a few pictures while we were there.

Hope you enjoy!

Weird picture of after a failed hair flip.

Taking some serious business calls.

My friend checking out the ground ft. me with the weirdest face ever.




How is everybody doing?
Good, I hope.

Today I am going to be writing to you about my three new 'babies' at the moment:
-BORN THIS WAY absolute perfection foundation by Too Faced
-OLYMPIA contour blush by NARS
-ITA kabuki brush by NARS

The contour blush from Nars was a very urgent buy actually. I was looking for a good contouring kit with a very subtle and matte darker shade because as you know, I am blonde and very pale. And it's very hard to contour such pale skin without it looking absolutely ridiculous. As I had also heard a lot of lovely things about the Nars contouring kits, I was convinced that I was making the right choice.
The Olympia shade fits my skin perfectly as it's both matte and very light. You can also build it up for a darker and more serious contour.

Since I was going full out on my contouring, I decided that the perfect brush to go with it would be amazing. The Ita Kabuki brush is not news to anybody but I've just never had the chance on getting my hands on one. 
I find that the shape of the brush is perfect for creating stronger lines and giving that dimension to your face. It is also perfectly fine for blending out the sharp edges.

Since I was having a minor Nars moment I also had in mind a foundation with more of a heavy coverage. Since a lot of people had been raving about the Nars foundations (sheer glow and luminous weightless) for a long time, I thought that I might even try it out. But as I walked to the Too Faced counter, something caught my eye. The Born This Way foundation. I had heard little about it but I was still convinced to try it out on my skin. To my surprise it felt a lot better on my skin than the Nars foundations. I felt like it was soft but it still gave a very good coverage, a better one than the Nars ones. 
A major plus to this foundation is that it is oil-free, which in my case is a life-saver. 
I have been loving it every day since I got it and it is also not as pricy as the Nars foundations. It's pretty much a win-win.

 Hope you enjoyed!