I hope that you are all having a fun time and enjoying everything  with your family.
I am not going to write much but I am going to post A LOT of pictures that I have taken throughout the month.

Don't forget to spread happiness and joy!
I wish you all a great holiday! :)

Hope you enjoy!


Maybelline lipstick review


How is everyone doing today?
Christmas is right around the corner and there will also be a post about that soon but I am also very exited 
to be able to stuff a lot of food in my face for 5 days straight.

Since it's winter and dark colors are very in, I decided to get the darkest red I could find from the Maybelline colorsensational range (that was displayed in the drugstore where I was) and right after that, I was gifted a purple lipstick from the same range.
 Although the red turned out not to be that dark at all :D But I don't mind.

So the ones that i got are from the Colorsensational range.
They are both lovely colors and last quite a long time on the lips.
The red is more of a matte finish with just a bit of shine in it and Magic Mauve is more of a shiny shade of purple.
I love to wear this kind of shiny and not too harsh purple with subtle pink or purple eyes.
When I am not going anywhere special, I like to pair the red with simple eyes to tone down the harsh makeup.
The Pleasure Me Red is also very nice for a night out or a party. If so then I would pair it with a smokey eye or just golden eye shadow.
They don't own up to any of the high end lipsticks but for a price that low, they do show very good quality.
Both have wonderful pigmentation and the packaging is also very acceptable.

Hope you enjoyed!:)


Avon & eos


The last couple of weeks I have been loving these two items. Oh and I have a good reason too.

The Avon makeup setting spray is a must have because the way it perfects your makeup is absolutely splendid.
It also makes your makeup last surprisingly long and the spray doesn't make your skin feel sticky.
I now use it every time I do my makeup because otherwise my makeup won't feel like it's completed.

The eos lip balms have been in my makeup bag for quite some time now and I still have the urge to eat them every time I apply them on my lips :D
The one I am using right now, is limited edition so I am not sure if you will be able to get your hands on one of them but I am definitely obsessing about it too much. I love the applicator and the fact that you don't have to get your fingers all involved with the application. I also love the way it leaves my lips all soft and nice.

Enjoy the pics! :)




The last couple of weeks have been exiting, stressful, exhausting, hard and fun all at once.
So I have been taking it easy and just doing a lot of homework and trying not to lose my mind ( witch tends to happen *oops*).
But one day I was a bit bored and tried out this golden eye shadow look. 
I actually think that it turned out quite well in the end.

oh and sorry for the lighting :/ it's was late okay

 t The eye shadow trio that I used- wet n wild E334 I'm Getting Sunburned
I started out the look by applying the shimmering golden eye shadow on my eyelid and putting a dark brown color on my crease. After gently blending everything out, I got the lovely pink and applied it above my crease.
If you want a very neat look then you can also put multiple layers and finish off with some liquid eyeliner.

And random pics of school and stuff :D

Hope you enjoyed! :)


Eat your candy!


We all have those days when we get sad and we are all kind of melancholy.
But it's totally okay to feel that way because we are all humans.
If you are not spreading any negativity to other people then you are allowed to be as mad and sad as you want.
Tomorrow will be a new day and you might feel a lot better and be more positive about life.
I just want everybody to know that there will always be rain before sunshine and that there will always be people who will  help and support you.

My advice to a person who's mind is in a bad place: 
- go to bed and sleep a bit (it helps majorly)
-express your feelings in the way you are comfortable of expressing them
but don't hurt anyone by doing that
-find your happy place (it can be anything that makes you happy, it can be physical or mental)
-jogging also helps but I don't really know about the people that are not that active (it clears your mind 
and the fresh air also helps)
-don't push down the feelings because it will make it worse. Just let it all out and you will 
feel better afterwards
-if you have someone to comfort you, let them
-drink hot chocolate or other good drinks
-just lay down on the ground and breathe softly
-internet (find a positive place, where people don't spread negativity that much *whispers tumblr*)
(you can also eat other foods if you are not that into candy)
and just live through the day :)

Hope you feel a tiny bit better :)




These last couple of days I have been very busy with homework and stuff but I got a bit exited when it came to shopping for makeup.

So here's a little drugstore haul and review of the lip products that I got my hands on. 

I will probably be posting the part 2 where I show the other products because I didn't want to over flood this post too much. 

Hope you enjoy :)

 Essence- Blush my lips 12
I really like the color of this lipstick and that it lasts quite a long time but it could be a bit more moisturizing on the  lips. Also no smudging and a very pigmented color.

Avon- natural glow
Avon- caressing coral
I am absolutely obsessed with these lipsticks, especially with the coral one. Perfect shade of color and also long-lasting. 

 Essence- cute pink 29
Essence- silky red 07
If you have ever tasted or smelled candy and you liked it, you will like these fabulous lip glosses. Is it weird that I just really like the way they smell and taste? :D probably...
Also gorgeous color shade and they make your lips stand out very beautifully.

 Catrice cosmetics- Walk the coraline 160
Last but definitely not least, my favorite one of them all. Very pigmented and long-lasting shiny lip gloss.
 I am in love with the color and also the way it makes my lips look very full and pretty.




So a couple of days ago I was in my natural habitat (on the internet) but I felt like I wanted to do something or go somewhere and I got the idea to go and explore the Old Town. The Old Town is basically a big part of the city where I live in (Tallinn) and it is built in the medieval time and hasn't been changed since then. What I love about it is that it's so different from the other parts of my city where everything is modern and gray.

I decided to go all by myself so that I can have some time to be in my thoughts and relax myself before school starts again. 

After I had inhaled some fresh air and walked some lonely sidewalks, I got together with some friends to catch up on some fun shenanigans.

Obviously I had to take my camera with me and take some pictures in the darkness of the night.