These last couple of days I have been very busy with homework and stuff but I got a bit exited when it came to shopping for makeup.

So here's a little drugstore haul and review of the lip products that I got my hands on. 

I will probably be posting the part 2 where I show the other products because I didn't want to over flood this post too much. 

Hope you enjoy :)

 Essence- Blush my lips 12
I really like the color of this lipstick and that it lasts quite a long time but it could be a bit more moisturizing on the  lips. Also no smudging and a very pigmented color.

Avon- natural glow
Avon- caressing coral
I am absolutely obsessed with these lipsticks, especially with the coral one. Perfect shade of color and also long-lasting. 

 Essence- cute pink 29
Essence- silky red 07
If you have ever tasted or smelled candy and you liked it, you will like these fabulous lip glosses. Is it weird that I just really like the way they smell and taste? :D probably...
Also gorgeous color shade and they make your lips stand out very beautifully.

 Catrice cosmetics- Walk the coraline 160
Last but definitely not least, my favorite one of them all. Very pigmented and long-lasting shiny lip gloss.
 I am in love with the color and also the way it makes my lips look very full and pretty.