Avon & eos


The last couple of weeks I have been loving these two items. Oh and I have a good reason too.

The Avon makeup setting spray is a must have because the way it perfects your makeup is absolutely splendid.
It also makes your makeup last surprisingly long and the spray doesn't make your skin feel sticky.
I now use it every time I do my makeup because otherwise my makeup won't feel like it's completed.

The eos lip balms have been in my makeup bag for quite some time now and I still have the urge to eat them every time I apply them on my lips :D
The one I am using right now, is limited edition so I am not sure if you will be able to get your hands on one of them but I am definitely obsessing about it too much. I love the applicator and the fact that you don't have to get your fingers all involved with the application. I also love the way it leaves my lips all soft and nice.

Enjoy the pics! :)