Maybelline lipstick review


How is everyone doing today?
Christmas is right around the corner and there will also be a post about that soon but I am also very exited 
to be able to stuff a lot of food in my face for 5 days straight.

Since it's winter and dark colors are very in, I decided to get the darkest red I could find from the Maybelline colorsensational range (that was displayed in the drugstore where I was) and right after that, I was gifted a purple lipstick from the same range.
 Although the red turned out not to be that dark at all :D But I don't mind.

So the ones that i got are from the Colorsensational range.
They are both lovely colors and last quite a long time on the lips.
The red is more of a matte finish with just a bit of shine in it and Magic Mauve is more of a shiny shade of purple.
I love to wear this kind of shiny and not too harsh purple with subtle pink or purple eyes.
When I am not going anywhere special, I like to pair the red with simple eyes to tone down the harsh makeup.
The Pleasure Me Red is also very nice for a night out or a party. If so then I would pair it with a smokey eye or just golden eye shadow.
They don't own up to any of the high end lipsticks but for a price that low, they do show very good quality.
Both have wonderful pigmentation and the packaging is also very acceptable.

Hope you enjoyed!:)