Currently I' m trying to relax and chill with my jam and candles and it certainly feels nice.
We should always treat ourselves more. That would be a good post but not today's. :D

Today I am just uploading some quick picture that I took of the Back to the Basics 2015.
It's basically a dance convention that is held by Joel Juht (JJ-Street - the dance studio where I dance).
And yes I know that it has nothing to do with makeup, lifestyle or anything like that but I still want to share with you some things, that I find the time to do in my everyday life.

The whole experience was wonderful and the vibes were also amazing. I am sure that everyone had a great time and learned some new useful moves and information.
I always find it fun to try something new and step out of my comfort zone, so this was exactly what I needed.
All I can say is a massive thank you to everybody who make things like this possible.

Hope you enjoy the pics! :)


Artdeco lipstick


About a week ago as I was making my way down to Lush when I unexpectedly  bumped into a friend of mine who was on her way home but of course we still couldn't resist the makeup store right next to us. Together we share a great deal of love towards makeup so we just couldn't resist the urge of spending some money on new bits and pieces. As we were walking through the stands I got an idea. I had never tried orange lipstick before but I have always wanted to see how it looks on me but I have never really had the guts to try it.
As I wasn't sure about the color I chose, I didn't opt for a higher end lipstick (just in case it didn't fit me). So we both went on a quest to find a very pigmented and bright orange lipstick but something that was still in the budget. My friend finally found a very pigmented orange shade that was exactly the color I needed. I didn't recognize the stand but the makeup didn't seem to be too bad so I thought why not. I am always open for new brands and trying out new things.
The brand is Artdeco and the lipstick is a bright, long lasting orange that has an extremely low price for it's good quality. It's super pigmented and also quite smudge proof as well.The packaging is not too bad compared to the price and it also has a very long but thin shape, so I am not sure whether that will benefit you or not.  I don't know how big the company is but if you can get your hands on one of these then I suggest you try it.

Hope you enjoyed! :)


Macadamia Deep Repair Masque


Unfortunately I have been cursed with awful hair and It' s often very difficult for me to cope with it. My hair is very dry, lifeless, damaged, short and frankly I barely even have any. Although I have done everything for it to grow, my hair has been the same length for like 3 years now. But I am not here today to speaks to you about its length, I am here to talk to you about the damaged, dry and lifeless part.
I am not a very patient person, so I tend to get frustrated with masks but this time was different. To be honest with you, I never really expected much of this mask but it turned out to be a great treatment for your hair. Every time I use  it feels like the softness and silkiness of my hair has magically returned and my hair definitely feels less damaged. It's very nourishing and it doesn't weigh your hair down (great bonus).The feeling of having that soft hair makes me really love my hair a bit more and I would definitely recommend the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for you, so you can also experience that soft feeling. :D
I use heat and damaging methods on my hair way too often and I should definitely get more into masks. I am also very interested in the other Macadamia hair products and I will surely purchase more of them.

Hope you enjoyed! :)

You can check out their other products here: http://macadamiahair.com/ 




I am going to have to make this quick because I have to be
 at the studio by seven and by then my homework has to be finished.

So a few days ago my dear friend Ingela was kind 
enough to accompany me into town.
The main goal was to get nice pictures and have a bit of fun. In my opinion we succeeded quite well
and I cannot complain about the weather either.
Since I live in Estonia and we only have like 6 hours before it gets pitch dark outside, we had to get up and get headed to town quite early in the morning.
Luckily the weather wasn't too bad and it hadn't been snowing for days, so the ice and snow had already melted.
We shot some pictures in two different areas. One of them was in the old town and the other was at the town center.
Along with the pictures I also have a behind the scenes video, that I shot just for fun and memories but I think that some day I might even upload it. 

I have chosen out the pictures that I would like to share with you.
So here you go.

Hope you enjoy!

 Fabulous posing by the way :D
Jeans- H&M 


Short sleeved sweater- MARK & SPENCERS




Long time no see but I'm here now.
Honestly, I don't think that 2014  was that special to me but it was still a good year.
I have improved myself a lot and I have accomplished more than I probably have ever before.
Although I have a feeling like nothing special has happened in 2014 but that's okay.
Next year will be big for me and there are a lot of new thing that I want to see and do.
I think that 2015 is going to be the toughest  year for me but let's hope for the best.

This year I celebrated the NYE with one of my closest friends, Liis.
 Enjoy these pictures of our fun time spent together.

Hope you enjoy!


 sorry for the sweatpants :D

 There were actually a lot more fireworks :D