Artdeco lipstick


About a week ago as I was making my way down to Lush when I unexpectedly  bumped into a friend of mine who was on her way home but of course we still couldn't resist the makeup store right next to us. Together we share a great deal of love towards makeup so we just couldn't resist the urge of spending some money on new bits and pieces. As we were walking through the stands I got an idea. I had never tried orange lipstick before but I have always wanted to see how it looks on me but I have never really had the guts to try it.
As I wasn't sure about the color I chose, I didn't opt for a higher end lipstick (just in case it didn't fit me). So we both went on a quest to find a very pigmented and bright orange lipstick but something that was still in the budget. My friend finally found a very pigmented orange shade that was exactly the color I needed. I didn't recognize the stand but the makeup didn't seem to be too bad so I thought why not. I am always open for new brands and trying out new things.
The brand is Artdeco and the lipstick is a bright, long lasting orange that has an extremely low price for it's good quality. It's super pigmented and also quite smudge proof as well.The packaging is not too bad compared to the price and it also has a very long but thin shape, so I am not sure whether that will benefit you or not.  I don't know how big the company is but if you can get your hands on one of these then I suggest you try it.

Hope you enjoyed! :)