Are you healthy?
Are you exercising enough?
Does your body feel good?

If not, then something needs to change.
We might think that our skin needs cleansing but have you ever thought that it's the exact same case with your body.
Even small steps in changing your lifestyle might make a very big difference in your life.
Since I have been changing my lifestyle step by step, I have been starting to feel a lot easier and better.
School, work and other activities might provide a great deal of stress, that isn't good for your health.
That's why I have been trying harder to have a better lifestyle and I am starting by eating healthy.

I am definitely not an expert at the following steps and in fact I pretty much suck at being healthy but lately I have seriously been trying harder and it has really been helping, so thought I would share some of my little steps with you.

WATER- I cannot even explain how important water is for you. In order to be healthy and start feeling better, one glass of water a day won't be sufficient. I try to drink up to 1.5 l a day and I have to say that it has helped majorly. My body feels a lot lighter, I feel like every time I start drinking water on a regular basis, my skin gets a lot better, there are less dry patches, it feels clean and it just feels better (you know what I mean). I have also been suffering with constant severe headaches for about 2.5 years now and since I have started drinking more water, my headaches don't occur as oftenly as they used to. What I'm trying to say is that water doesn't do any bad for you, only good (if you drink it the right amount of course).

BREAKFAST- We all know that breakfast is the most important meal in your day and all of that but a lot of people, including me, suffer with the fact that they don't eat breakfast. The main reason for this is because the majority of people don't have an appetite after waking up very early in the morning, before going to school. I actually do want to eat in the mornings but the fact that I wake up at 6.30 am and I don't have any time, is not helping along. So I tend to just run out the door without having eaten anything and I always end up craving for food already after the first period. NOT GOOD HELENA, NOT GOOD AT ALL. But on the weekends, ohhhh boy do I eat! Recently as I have been healthier, I am always trying to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast, so that my day gets a good start to it. I try not to eat myself too full but I also try to eat as much as I think that I need, not to crave food for the next few hours. Eating a good breakfast also makes me happy :) Experience with new and exiting foods if it makes you feel better.

GENTLE EXERCISE - PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS. Exercising can also be very refreshing and relaxing. I feel like if I just do a little morning jog, my body feels a lot lighter and if I am having a day in, I don't feel heavy and useless sitting on my computer. I suggest you find a nice place like a park or a beach, where you can jog and look around yourself and find pretty and interesting things. If I jog on a nice day it makes all the stress and pressure just go away. If you don't want to jog you can do different things, as long as they make you feel better. Although I do think that doing things outside makes you feel nice on the inside. Imagine the wind blowing away your problems and the nice view you get while pulling some muscles :D You can also just go outside and have a little me time and try to broaden your horizon by seeing and experiencing new things. All that I am saying is go outside, have fun and experience new things and find beautiful  new thing around you. I assure you that it will make you feel a lot better and lighter.

Hope you enjoyed!