Sorry for not posting a long time but school has been absolutely crazy and I have been so busy.
The good thing is that now I'm back again!

A few days ago I came across the M·A·C makeup stand and I just couldn't fight the temptation.
So I had to treat myself with a bright pink lipstick that I have absolutely fell in love with.

It's a matte lipstick that has great pigmentation and is incredibly long lasting.
This lipstick is exactly what has been missing from my makeup collection.
I was so amazed of how it lasted so magnificently on my lips all day without drying my lips or smudging.
I spent one day wearing it and literally every person who I saw said the exact same thing to me: 
''Whoah! I love your new lipstick, it looks fabulous on you!''
I am also kind of sad that it isn't summertime  here because it would fit summer more than winter but it's also another reason why I should be longing for the sun.

I have to tell you that in real life it looks a tiny bit darker than on the photos.

Hope you enjoy!! :)