Yesterday I read through a few of my latest blog posts and realized that some of the phrases were written in a fully absurd manner and I thought to myself,
W H A T  W A S  I  T H I N K I N G
That, my friends, is the result of writing at an unreasonably late hour. Therefore I try to stay away from blogging at a time when that little brain of mine needs to be resting.

Today I thought that I would do a little review of a product that I have been utterly loving lately.
It's the Body Shop Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed Scrub.
I have been using it for about a month now and I just can't get enough of it. 

Where do I even start.....
Firstly, the scent is perfectly different and nice. It's definitely not an ordinary smell, it's different, but magnificently good.
The good thing is that the smell doesn't just fade away after showering, in contrary, it stays with you the whole day. I must say that I am obsessed with products that leave me smelling exquisite AFTER I pass through the flowing water.
Secondly, the poppy seeds smooth and soften every inch of my body so well, that it feels like my skin is in heaven (sorry for the odd comparison, but it's the closest I can get).
The whole thing ends with my skin ending up feeling sensually soft and well scented, which is clearly not a crappy thing.
By the end of the day I will be constantly stroking and sniffing my hand.
The only down to it is that... it's limited edition, so i you want to get your hands on it, you better hurry.

Hope you enjoyed!

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