I am just here chilling in my room, listening to some good music and it's a beautiful da.... oh wait... it's not beautiful at all, it's just as crappy as every other day in Estonia.
To help me survive this horrible and sad weather I always keep it green.
Now we all know that something green on our plate means good and the exact same thing applies to our house/apartment as well. Everyone can definitely relate with me when I say that if the weather is dreadful then it also dampens our enthusiasm. That is why we all need something green or colorful in our sight. 
Whether it's decorating your bedroom, living room etc..  I always find that plants give a little bit more life and they make me feel a whole lot better. The also give so much more and it looks so nice and modern if you can style them well enough. 
If your residence lacks of green then you should with no doubt get some inspiration and go out and find yourself some plants.
I hope it helps.

Hope you enjoyed! :)