It's been a while, so I just wanted to do a quick update...

Firstly, I have to let you guys know about this soda. It's AMAZING and also healthy, which is very important. 
I also have a story behind this soda, but that's for another time. 
So if you find it, try it.

On the 13 of March I went to a dance convention, which was held in a small village in Estonia. 
With me came my some of my very good friends and a lot of other dancers from JJ-Street.
We all had the time of our lives!!

 For a week or so we had the prettiest and most amazing weather, but now it's gone. So I found these pictures and they made me miss the summer and nice weather :(
And as you can see the big construction of the Hilton Hotel is blocking my view from my apartment. Thanks.

My two very good friends decided to pay me a visit from across the country and all I can say is that it was great seeing them after such a long time and I miss them already :((

A few days ago I went to my friend's birthday and I ate so much sushi, TOO MUCH. But it was still great and speaking of birthdays, I also had mine but I don't have any pictures of that to add here :(

Hope you enjoyed!