It's been a looooooonnnngg time since I have last seen you here but to be honest, I have used the time for myself.

I think that we all know that the younger generation is addicted to an amazing thing called the Internet,
but I have come to the realization that it's important to sometimes get away from the media, people and negativity.
Some of you might think that what I'm saying is absolutely absurd but if you think about it - sitting behind the computer tires you and that is not good for your health. Lately I have always been tired, sad and not fun to be around but since I have been getting out more,
I haven't been so exhausted anymore.
Lately I have started going to random places on random times. Sometimes I go alone and occasionally I have somebody to accompany me. Breathing fresh air, walking or running and seeing new things just makes you feel better and now that the weather is improving, you don't have to worry about the cold too much and the sun also puts a smile on your face.
Sometimes you just need a break from school, work, media or people and that's okay.

Hope you enjoyed!