This is what is currently happening in Estonia:

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The weather here is giving us all a very hard time but it is also letting us have our sunny days.
 When the weather here is good, it basically means that everybody is making sure that it doesn't go to waste and we all try to have as much fun as we possibly can.

One of my most dearest friends was kind enough to invite us onto her paddle boat (and this basically happens every sunny day that we get). She lives across a lake from me but thankfully we have legs strong enough to paddle our way to eachother (that kind of makes it sound like a sad friendship story... well it kind of is if you think about it). 
This time I also took my camera with me and here is the result of us paddling for our lives.

Hope you enjoy!

Note: The following pictures were taken by the shore in very low waters. Our life jackets were only removed for a very short amount of time (while the pictures were taken).
Stay safe.