As you can probably tell from the title, something happened.
I moved to Paris, France. 
Wait, I am sounding less exited than I actually am.
Yeah, that's about it.

It hasn't quite gotten to me yet, I am just thinking of this as a really long vacation.
Paris is definitely very different from Estonias capital, Tallinn, where I used to live, but I like them both in their own special  way.
Everything is bigger, brighter, busier,
the streets are never really empty, there are tourists everywhere (which not a bad thing).
I drive past the Eiffel Tower everyday and it feels so weird to think that it's actually a big deal for a lot of people.
Us, the Estonians, just have our little country, where we have our own little culture and language.
But as a wise man once said:
"A country beside the sea, is always a big country".
 -Lennart Meri.

I will not go into too much detail about it all in this post but you will surely see more of my life in Paris on this blog and on other social media platforms.

Here are some of the pictures I took of getting here and exploring the town bit.

Hope you enjoy!

My dearest friends sending me off. :(

The view from the airplane was absolutely amazing.

Some mainstream tourist pictures. (can't go anywhere without taking those)

A fancy sign that makes burritos sound healthy, they're really not that healthy. (but who cares)

My first time at Chipotle.

My first time at Hägen-Dazs.

The cutest Evian water bottle you can find.

Chipotle really has their design on point.

Actual human beings.

The official white girl Starbucks picture.

And a beautiful white carriage with a beautiful horse to it. Although a horse doesn't belong in front of a carriage.