Today is more of a chill post. 
So I'm just going to give you a little review on some of the Sephora masks that I picked up recently.
It's late but everything is cool.
Okay, enough of the intro.

As I used to live in Estonia, I didn't get the chance to hang around Sephora that much but now I find of do... since I live in Paris.
So one time I was just waddling in Sephora and I see their masks.
I am also going to point out that my skin was having a major crisis moment and I  was in desperate need for some help.
And I just thought, why not?
They were really inexpensive and they just made me want to put them on and relax in a warm bath with some nice scented candles.
I don't know if you can tell but I'm really tired right now so excuse my lousy writing skills. Sorry.

So the first mask that I tried out was the Lotus Eye Mask.
This mask is supposed to moisturise and sooth your skin.
I chose this mask because lately, I have been feeling like the skin surrounding my eyes was getting a bit dry and uncomfortable. That also caused problems with the wearing of my foundation and concealer.
And surprisingly, I wasn't that disappointed. It did its job very well and my eyes felt really soft and fresh afterwards.
It didn't cause any irritation or problems.
So I give this mask a big thumbs up!

The two other masks I tried were face masks.

The first one is the Green Tea Mask and this is supposed to make your skin 
more matte looking and calming down all of you blemishes.
Now as I said earlier, my skin was not in a good mood and everything was just like red and horrible.
So I didn't see a major difference in my skin but it still calmed everything down and it
 also made my skin feel really nice and fresh. 
After using the mask, my skin did improve and it went back to it's usual state. So I am very thankful for that.

The final mask that I tried was the Pearl mask.
A perfecting and brightening face mask.

I got this mask not out of need but more just for relaxing and for a nice pamper evening.
It made my skin feel absolutely amazing and it also made it look a bit better too.
So if you are in the search for some nice masks to relax with, then give this a go!

Hope you enjoyed!